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Thermal Hydrotherapy & Water Therapy Services

Water has many beneficial effects on the human body and is essential for sustaining the human body. Apart from the drinking benefits, water has been used in various medicinal and body soothing therapies. Bathing and swimming in water soothes the mind and body and leaves a refreshing feeling. Water temperature has further added benefits. Bathing in cold water and hot water, both are very effective for the health. From the ancient times, water has been used in many therapeutic procedures all around the world. It uses water therapy for providing the best services to the customers. Various special traditional water treatments are provided in Water Experience Salon Services.

There are a lot of services provided under the Water Experience Salon Services. Most of these services are derived from various countries and have many therapeutic as well as body calming benefits. The services provided are as follows:

Thermal hydro body wrap

Beneficial trace elements and vitamins are massaged into the skin and a mud with self-heating property is applied all over the body. This mud detoxifies the body and increases blood circulation. During this time, a cool hair masque is applied and the face is cleansed. After that, a warm shower is applied all over the body and the hair is shampooed.

Lavender rain

Lavender and eucalyptus extracts are used to exfoliate the body followed by a warm shower. After that, the whole body is moisturized and hot stone treatment is provided on the back and the feet.

Healing water

Warm water is applied all over the body. Along with this exfoliation, hair treatment and massage are done. At the end of the treatment, bursts of cold water are poured all over the body. This treatment makes the body refreshing and eliminates tiredness.

Therapeutic steam experience shower

Steam has many therapeutic benefits on the human body and has been used for many medical purposes. This therapy uses the healing property of steam and colourful lights for providing calmness and soothes the body. It detoxifies the body and improves blood circulation in the skin and muscles of the body. Aromatic oils are used in the steam and an ambient music is also played. This ambiance is very beneficial to calm the body. This treatment also helps to cleanse the pores of the skin and removes the dirt which makes the skin clear and glowing.

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