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The Ushmaya Salon in Green Field Colony Faridabad

The busy schedule of modern times and the rising pollution results in fatigue, lethargy, and overall tiredness. The rising pollution also damages the skin and makes it dirty. Apart from that, there is also occupational stress and strain. To get relief from all these problems, people seek something to calm their mind and body. We at Ushmaya provide all the beautification and spa therapies to ease the mind and body of our customers and make them beautiful.

Beauty Parlour Services

We provide premium beautification services to our customers. We have a lot of specialists who have knowledge about various kinds of beautification procedures. They provide their services to the customers according to the suggestions provided. We provide all the treatments after assessing the skin type and allergy tests to ensure that the customers don’t suffer from any problems.

Wellness, Massage and Spa Therapy

Our salon also provides a different kind of spa, massage and wellness therapies to the customers. Our expert staffs are well trained in the various kinds of treatments. We also maintain a calm and soothing atmosphere by playing soothing music as well as using some beautiful ambient lighting while providing these therapies.

Hair Salon Services

We have some of the best and most trained hair stylists in our salon. They are capable to provide various different kinds of haircutting to our customers. We also have a variety of hair products including dyes which we use to make different kinds of hairstyles. All the products we use are of best brands and quality.

Thermal Hydrotherapy

Thermal hydrotherapy uses warm water to ease the soreness and stiffness of the muscles and increase blood circulation in the body. We have a group of highly trained experts who have the knowledge to provide such kind of therapies. We use the state of the art shower system and equipment to provide this particular therapy.

Pre Bridal and Bridal Makeup Services

Apart from all these, we have some expert beauticians who provide pre-bridal and bridal make services. For availing this service, customers are requested to book an appointment with us. Our beauticians provide the services by traveling on site. We use all the best products for providing the make up to the bride.

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