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Hair Salon in Faridabad

This is a good information for people or particularly women living in Faridabad. The Theushmaya Salon members will provide the best care for your hair and other things. The Theushmaya Hair Salon is located in green field colony, Faridabad. You cannot just leave your very valuable hair, nails etc to any of the salons you need an experienced, good salon for that work. Theushmaya Salon will provide you the following things:

Hair rebounding for girls

Hair rebounding is a process in which the natural bond of the hair is broken and a new bond of hair is created. While doing the hair rebounding we clean your hair with mild shampoo, when the hair is dried we divide the hair into small parts, softening cream is applied for 30 minutes, next is the streaming process which will take 15 to 40 minutes, hair is rinsed and dried, a lotion is applied and the hair is flattened with a flat iron. A lot of care is taken while doing this.

Hair cutting for kids, men and women

Our salonist will also provide you with a very nice hair cut service for men, women as well as kids. A perfect and right hair cut can change your look from worst to amazing. When you sit for hair cutting our salonist will find out which hairstyle you are seeking and which is perfect for your lifestyle.

Hair smoothening for ladies

Hair smoothening is a gift from heaven for those who seek smooth hair. Who doesn’t like smooth and soft hair everybody does right so if you are in search of the best salon in hair smoothening then we are here for you we give excellent services in this and will also give you a smooth and soft hair.

Hair colouring for kids/children, women and men

Hair colouring is not only there to hide your white hair but also to give your hair a nice colour and a good look. This is also done by children to look heroic and modern. People often do hair colouring to make their hair look colourful we provide you with a very good service for this so come once and check it out.

Hair styling for kids/children, men and women

Hairstyles, is it not the best makeover your hair will like. So many of the people show a lot of interest in changing their hairstyles more often. But sometimes you may be scared that your hair may be damaged but you don’t need that worry with us.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

It is not enough if you have a long hair the main thing is to take a proper care of it. The deep conditioning makes your hair get rid of dryness, frizz, and damage there are many hair conditioning treatments available in our salon if you have any hair problems then it is compulsory for you to meet us.

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