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Beauty Parlour Salon Services

Beauty parlour services are actually a group of special services to make a man or woman beautiful. The services generally include the application of cosmetics or other beauty products and also offering various beauty treatments after which an individual looks beautiful. Beauty parlour services generally include the following services:

Nail Cutting and Styling

The nails of the hand and feet receive a lot of damage during the daily work. In some cases, the nails even get broken while working. Due to these the natural shape of the nails are damaged. The nail cutting and styling services actually cut the nail in appropriate shapes and then a nail polish is also applied over them.

Facial Treatment

Facial is a skin treatment provided to the face. It has various functions. Facial helps to cleanse the pores of the skin, exfoliate the dead cells and removes small spots from the skin. After a facial, the skin looks fairer and glowing. There are several types of facial treatments but it is always advised to avail of the treatment which is suitable according to the skin type.

Skin Care

Beauty parlour services also provide many different types of skin care treatments. These skin care treatments are provided after a thorough inspection of the skin as well as checking if the skin has any sensitivity to the products. The parlours also provide various beauty skin products for buying. Skin care involves cleansing, exfoliation, and application of various beauty products.

Beauty & Make Up

Beauty and make up treatments are usually applied before some special occasion. The beauty parlours offer both on-site make up as well as make up in the shop. Bridal make up is also provided to the bride before marriage. Make up also involves the application of various beauty products and make a person beautiful.

Body care

Body care treatments are provided to nourish the body and remove the spots and pimples from the body and detoxify it. Body care treatments many types of treatments among them spa is also included. After a body care treatment, the skin looks glowing and these are an overall feeling of wellbeing.


Mehandi is a special form of body art which originated in India. In involves creating beautiful designs on the hands by the use of henna. These are actually a type of temporary tattoos. Mehandi is generally applied by the women before any special occasion and also the brides apply mehandi before marriage. Application of mehandi requires expert and steady hands. Most of the professional mehandi artists are experienced and specially trained.

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